Apple Valley Animal Hospital

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Surgical SuiteSurgical Suite

The most up-to-date anesthesia and surgical equipment allows us to perform many routine and non-routine surgical services while ensuring your pet’s safety and comfort. We offer routine spaying and neutering of your pet in order to control the pet population. Spaying and neutering can be performed as early as 6 months of age. We also offer  tumor removal, oral surgery, abdominal surgery, orthopedic procedures such as femoral head osteotomy and cruciate ligament repair, bladder surgery, and surgeries of the eyes and ears, to name a few.

We use the safest of veterinary anesthetics such as Sevoflurane and Isoflurane and monitor our patients continually with the most advanced of veterinary monitoring devices. Every anesthetized patient is hooked up to an ECG monitor, pulse ox machine to monitor oxygenation, temperature probes, blood pressure monitor, heart rate detector, and carbon dioxide monitor that is continually displayed on our large flat screen monitor located in the surgical suite.